What is audio branding?

Brands constantly make sound - from their apps to their in-store voice announcements. In the same way that visual designers diligently implement logos, typefaces, photography styles and colour palettes, audio branding agencies create sonic identities. Audio branding allows companies to communicate emotionally and consistently with their audiences, and engage their users in new, innovative ways.

About aims to showcase the best in audio branding - from traditional advertising to new research and technology. is written by Fran Board. Fran has worked in audio branding for the past eight years and is currently Head of Planning at The Sound Agency. Her background combines creativity and science: A BA in Graphic Design from Kingston University, London, which specialised in creative audio branding concepts, and an MsC in Music, Mind and Brain from Goldsmiths, University of London. Her research in this field focusses on audio-visual perception and cross-modal aesthetics. All views expressed here are her own. 


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