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Smart sound: Three brands that have created interactive smart speaker apps

“Alexa, tell Whirlpool to start the dishwasher.” That may not be the phrase you imagined saying on a day-to-day basis, but commands like these might soon be the norm. Smart speaker apps are still in their infancy - most help with simple tasks like listening to the radio or checking the weather - but the marketing potential is huge. Some brands have already begun investing in these sonic experiences.

"Sound design is the new packaging": Audio marketing insights from VoiceCon 2018

Brand voice and audio marketing is all the range. Whilst it's been around for decades through traditional advertising, new consumer technology like smart speakers and digital podcasts have brought it to the forefront of marketing trends. “You have a brand identity. Think about how to create it for an audio-first world,” said Claire Mitchell, director of VaynerSmart.