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Smart sound: Three brands that have created interactive smart speaker apps

“Alexa, tell Whirlpool to start the dishwasher.” That may not be the phrase you imagined saying on a day-to-day basis, but commands like these might soon be the norm. Smart speaker apps are still in their infancy - most help with simple tasks like listening to the radio or checking the weather - but the marketing potential is huge. Some brands have already begun investing in these sonic experiences.

Audio-Analytic: Sound recognition meets audio branding

When smart speakers like Amazon Echo and Google Home “listen”, their understanding of the sonic environment is usually limited to spoken word. Audio-Analytic has been described as “the Shazzam of noise”. Their sound recognition technology is already helping brands deliver better customer experiences, and now they are envisaging a future where this relates more directly to audio branding.

A return to emotional marketing: BT's audio brand

Last year, whilst competitors focussed on broadband speeds and new technology, BT launched a new emotional brand positioning. "Be there" was designed to unite BT's platforms and focus on human closeness. And as "Be there" comes to fruition, BT are capitalising on their emotional approach through more considered use of music in marketing and audio branding strategy.