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The sound of the underground: The audio identity of the London's transport system

Over 150 years ago, the London Underground set a new benchmark for transport communication design. Harry Beck's iconic map and Edward Johnston's were replicated around the world and their core elements remain in London underground’s design today. As companies become more aware of sonic signage and voice, we review the sound of the tube, which carries 1.37 billion travellers every year.

Dutch pride: The heart of TeamNL's new sonic identity

Olympic teams aren't renowned for their audio branding - despite the noisy, emphatic nature of most sports. But this Winter Olympics, TeamNL are implementing a new sonic identity, created by Massive Music. Their process included input from top Dutch athletes, and the end result is intended to communicate boldness, power, and a heavy dose of Dutch pride.

Hear the taste: Finnair create in-flight soundscapes to enhance flavours

Have you noticed that aeroplane food never tastes very good? This may not be the fault of the airline. Many factors affect our sense of taste on flights: Lack of humidity, low air pressure, and 85 decibels of background noise all affect how we experience food and drink. This poses a problem for airlines, who have to modify recipes to include more salt or use more "vibrant flavours". Finnair and digital agency Mirum have come up with a unique audio branding solution.